Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sleep issues and life in general...

I think it's been about 3 week since I posted. My last post was about the 5k I had done and then I went quiet for awhile.

Do I want to blog? Yes.

Do I have anything positive to blog? Hmmm probably not hence why I went quiet.

It's May. The time of the year I used to normally enjoy. It's my birthday month.  Woot! It's also Mothers Day. Which this year the loss of my Mother has saddened me more than in years past. I was pretty much a hot mess crying on the treadmill at the gym last week.  How would you like to be running next to that gal at the gym?

Yes I mentioned gym twice. I now belong to a new gym in town. In fact it's a national chain. And you've probably seen the really annoying commercials for it on tv lately.  Planet Fitness is cheap, nice and updated (well it should be since it's brand spanking new!!)  I've been there a lot in the past 3 weeks so my membership is getting it's use. Once school ends in about 2 weeks I'll have to figure out what to do before they wake or after they go to bed since they have no daycare.

The kids will be getting out of school in a few weeks. While the oldest will be out for the summer the youngest is only out for 3 weeks. Then she starts at her new school!!! It's very exciting and we are all very hopeful that we will see lot's of good improvement from the little one. I came to the realization a few weeks ago that Avery is basically a mischievous unrestrained toddler in the body of a very physically capable almost 5 year old. She climbs things. She get's into messes. She's very impulsive.

One of the reasons why I went silent is that we were trying to get Avery's sleep issues under control again. Back in the winter of 2011/2012 she had major sleep issues and it took us months to get her back into good sleep habits.  This time was worse as that I alluded just above that she's very mischievous and insanely strong for a 5 yr old. We finally resorted to small doses of melatonin to help her go to sleep. I was hesitant to start melatonin because I've read stories where that it could increase waking at night. Which she already does on a regular basis. Since starting the melatonin there has been an increase in night wakings, but it is also high allergy season for her and she's having a break through when it comes to potty training. The melatonin has worked in the sense that what used to be nightly fighting and taking almost 2 hours to go to bed is now about less than 30 minuets from receiving the melatonin to her hitting the sack!!  If you think a 2 year old who takes off a diaper after it's soiled is a lot of fun, try a freaking 5 year old! This whole I am too wet for a diaper and I'm going to whip it off ASAP is new and messy but it's also a sign that she's finally sensing that a wet diaper is a horrible thing to have!!

I am also suppose to be signing up for school...but I'm terrified. Not so much of going back to school but of the debt. I could convince myself that it won't be bad but then if I see the numbers of what I can get for next year I'm not that freaked out. It's all the other stuff after that. I'm considered a senior who still has to take like 54 credits to graduate!! ARGHHHHHHH!!! That's a lot!!!

Is it going to be worth paying student loans before I hit retirement age? (not like I'm going to be able to retire hahano)

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