Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Triumphs

It's Tuesday and I'm already putting things down so I don't forget what the little stinker has been up to.

She's voicing her opinion more. Even if it's not in all words she's telling me NO in a big way. The other night she came in the kitchen for dinner and she looked up on the table (her teachers at school tell me that she is the ONLY kid in her classes who constantly is looking up on tables). She saw what was for dinner and kindly put her fork on top of it and refused to sit down in her seat to even try it. After 5 mins of trying to get her to stop her crying and trying to get her to sit down I gave up because it was coming to her having a complete meltdown and I wanted to avoid that.

She's also been spontaneously saying more words for her therapists. Her OT is getting what her "Up" sounds like, it's very high pitched but you get the jist. If you don't act fast enough to pick her up she puts your hands under her arms to get you to do it.

On Monday she said the word dog for her speech therapist without being prompted 2x.There are other things she'll say when prompted. We are getting more hiiii's and byeeee's from her.

At school on Monday I was the mom helper and got to see her in action with the older kids. These kids in this class are more around the age of 3+ and understand Avery's issues a bit more. They kinda of seem to let her do her own thing when I observed them. They know she doesn't have her words but they seem to be ok with it. Compared to how she was in the Thursday class I observed last semester it was a big improvement.

When it came to circle time when they brought out her space saver high chair, she went right over and sat in it and waited for someone to put the tray on it. Then she sat and observed circle/story time while snacking on some skittles (it's key for her to have something to snack on or she gets distracted). After circle time she lined up like the rest of the kids to walk to the wiggle room. She walked like a good kid to the play room and went on about her own plan to play wherever. She went down the slide and did the trampoline which she didn't want to do last time I was there.

Then at one point she grabbed a sippy cup from the basket they brought into the room. I asked her a couple of times to return it to the basket when she was done. By the 5th time of me asking you could tell she was getting irritated. Then she stopped in her tracks, thought about it and put the cup back in the basket!!!!!! HUGE. We were all excited for her and kept saying "Yay! Avery!" and you could tell how happy she was with her self. She was just one big smile.

After the wiggle room they went back to the room for snack time and art. She went right to her seat and waited for her tray and snack and cup. She's made good progress in the last few months. I don't know if it's just that class is so much better for her than the Thursday class (younger kids and one little girl who is always but she seemed happier.

In general she seam's to have moved past the point where she was hitting herself a lot a few weeks ago. Fingers crossed we can figure out what her trigger's are so we can reduce them in the future.

If you would like to help with my fundraising for Team Avery - Don't Stop Believing please do so if you can! the website will take any amount for donations. I am hoping to get to my minimum ASAP so I can get my bib for Chicago  ASAP because I'm so scared it will sell out. Thank you for any support!

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