Wednesday, September 7, 2011

School year 2011

I should probably post more than once a month, huh? Sometimes I don't think I have anything to say except that we are just keeping on with what we are doing.

The little one started back at school while the big one started Kindergarten. Both are half day classes in the morning. So I get a glorious 2.5 hours kid free. But man does that 2.5 hours fly by!

The school year started off with a little bit of a hitch with the school bus in the am and in the afternoon but after one angry call to the dispatch office things were all good the next morning and has been since then.
On the little one's first day of school.
A few things we have noticed since the start of the school year. The letters sent home daily from the aide during the summer were all doom and gloom. Now with a different aide all it's missing some days is rainbows and glitter all over it. She seems to be doing fantastic on some days. On other days I get little snippets of "was uncooperative" "didn't tolerate the music class with other kids". We really don't know what to make of it. My husband thinks they are playing "oh shit we have to make it look like she has some progress because we have her special IEP meeting in October" and I think well it could be that OR she just has a better grip of being on a schedule and routine and what she wants to do. I would love to know.

She still doesn't have a communication device which is irritating because they decided to wait until they knew she could point to her choices. Well this kiddo is pretty smart. She can figure it out and learn it and if you give it to her she'll show you what she wants. 
Yes, IPad and old IPhone and their peace in the galaxy.
She is still going to OT services at Easter Seals with a different OT. I thought all these changes were going to send her to maximum freak out. Well she hasn't been that bad. We've had the bouts of head hitting out of frustration but it's not on the floor or the wall. When I walked her into therapy and her therapist came out for her she took her hand and started pulling her to the therapy room. That makes me happy.

The big freak out I had over the summer about her previous OT sudden departure and then suddenly having to find a new provider that we could afford seemed to turn out for the best for her right now. This OT also recognized that even though she is happy, goes with the flow at the beginning of therapy that at the 40-45 minute period is when she is just done with you. I recognized that over the summer when just playing outside in the pool. She would be playing for about that amount of time and after that she had to go "find some mischief".  For better words. lol.

So we are keeping on with things. Not seeing a big explosion of words from her but not really sure if that will happen one day. She's got the word Wait down pact now which is a lot better than NO! lol.
Oh and when does the constant screeching end? Seriously. That's a thing she picked up over the summer and it has not stopped. They make wine for that right?

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