Friday, August 19, 2011


That's my mornings with Avery when I walk into her room. I say "Hi!" she says, "Hiiiiiiiii!" lol. We are getting there. We are getting there. Next week she starts school again and she'll have a substitute teacher again until the regular teacher comes back in November from maternity leave. But we'll have our next IEP meeting in October to talk about Avery's progress or lack of progress. Which I think will be hard to figure out without her regular teacher but let's see what happens when school starts.

I wanted to share a video made by a Dad whose daughter has Autism. His blog is Lou's Land.

I think it's a very powerful video. It pretty much mimicked a play by play of the last year of our life and how I feel about our lives now. 

Some people aren't happy with the term "fix".  I don't see it as negative as most people do.

I wrote this on Diary of a Mom's blog about the word fix: 

I think the fact that the word fix is in quotes is to symbolize a hope in the future to find a solution and/or a cure. I honestly don’t think it’s meant as a negative. Plus usually men are known as the one’s in the relationships of life of those who see a problem and want to “fix” it. Whether it’s a broken item around the house or a relationship problem. 

If you ever read Men are from Mar's Women are from Venus that's how the author described men's view of life. How do I fix this problem? 

We all know the struggles our children go through. I can't imagine a day that goes by when I see my daughter hit her head out of frustration that I don't want to "fix" that. I want to "fix" everything for her. I want her to have the best of everything and I want her to be the best she can be. I don't want her to hurt anymore. I want her to smile and laugh more. In order to do that we have to "fix" or "solve" her issues to the best that we can. 

If "Fix" is as negative to some people as the idea of a "magic pill" that will make Autism disappear in their child than I guess I am on that side. Who wouldn't want to take their child's pain away? I know I do.

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