Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

I wholeheartedly thought I was going to start this post out with "Halloween was a big fat fail". I can honestly say I was so very surprised today!

The older one had said she was wanted to be Jessie from Toy Story for the longest time for Halloween. We even went to the store to get a costume a few weeks back and as I looked at the costume I truly felt there was no way I could spend a good $25 on a flimsy ass piece of plastic for her costume. I had already thought of how I wanted to do a cow girl costume for her just in case. So after that trip to the store I decided to fore go the store bought costume for a home made one. I'm so glad I did!!

I hit up a resale shop to look for a plaid shirt ($3) for her. We had extra jeans (free) that were hand me downs from a friend for her pants. I got her a pair of black boots ($16) from Payless she can wear for a long time.  My cowboy hat that we didn't have to spend extra money on. I then used some extra cow fleece (free) that I had from old projects for the chaps for her pants. Here she was today:
A little blurry but cute as hell!
We thought she might freak out because it wasn't a real "Jessie" costume but she was so excited to wear it! She was the only little girl in her class who had a home made costume. Pretty darn proud of myself if I do say so!

Then there was Avery. I couldn't find her a cow costume for the life of me. As long as I can I will want them to be matchy match. Then I debated about making a costume for her. I had thought of doing a flamingo or any other type of bird since she LOVES them so much. Then I thought well it might just be a crap shoot if she even wants to wear a costume. I pulled out one of Paige's old costumes instead and I put it on her and she was great with it. It was a really cute pirate costume she did not like. I added a tutu to her bottom. I also put on one of her regular hats she loves and put the head wrap on that and she kept it on. I wish I could have gotten a really good picture of her in it. All I could get was a pic of her sitting at home waiting for Daddy to go through her loot.
Awesome day!
The first house we always hit up for Halloween is my Dad's of course since he is right across from us. As we were leaving there Avery had a mini meltdown and we thought oh no this is not going to go well today. The next house she was still kinda of confused of what was going on. The third house she was getting it. By the fourth house all I had to do was go up with her and just explain a little bit that she doesn't talk so she can't say "trick or treat" and everyone was very understanding. She held out her hand or her bag and got a boat load of candy. She even held onto a bag of goldfish crackers for the entire time we were out there. We were so proud of her and her big sister who was a gracious little trick and treater today! Great day!

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