Thursday, November 17, 2011

Avery school pics 2011

Lynn over at Autism Army Mom is hosting a Blog Hop of all those wonderful disastrous professional school pics.

Here is Avery's submission:

We never took her back for her retakes either. The retakes were on a Saturday which is like unheard of in my circle of friends. Her older sisters picture wasn't much better.

Now some may say why critique if you know how hard it is at home to get a good picture? Well I'll tell you why I can critique. I used to do school photography. For a wonderful craptastic 8 months I got to travel through out the Chicago land area and make $80 a DAY. Now on days when I worked about 4 hours it was sweet. But on days where I had to drive 1.5 hours to get to a local high school at 5am to set up for 6am photos with a bunch of asshole teenagers it wasn't worth the money.

I had to do a lot of special education kids pictures during my few months taking pictures. Hard is understatement. But I tried to be patient. The aide's were helping to get the pictures as best as they could. Except for the one time I was at a school and the aide and another adult were muttering under their breath about how much of a little bitch this girl in a wheel chair was being. That pretty much was my breaking point of that craptastic job. I can not take adults calling little kids names like that. Especially those who are suppose to be helping them.

Sigh. Anyways all those days of good/bad days with taking pictures of kids came screeching back when I saw those pictures of Avery. Yes there could be some cropping that could work but it's still upsetting. It's one of those things were I think "fucking great. is this how they are all going to look?" I thought "was someone muttering names under their breath about Avery?" and "why didn't someone get some damn fucking bubbles! she loves bubbles! She would have smiled her little ass off!" I could have had a picture of Avery and a bunch of tiny bubbles hanging in my living room. Now that would have been great!


  1. Wow. She is so cute! I feel like you can see her personality here. I've had those years where I know it's not even worth it to do the make-ups!!!
    Thanks for joining our weird little blog hop :)

  2. I love that you actually had that job...this gives me some perspective on how much it sucks for them. Maybe it's a tradition that should just be done away with entirely. I know that I'd rather not have my school pics laying around right now. I love the pic on the right though...she looks like she's kinda boogying.

  3. I'll be joining the hop today. . . admittedly picture two is not award-winning, but the first one is pretty dang cute!