Saturday, July 14, 2012

Oh I'm Sorry

hmm. I keep hearing those words played back today.

Today we took the kids to the grand opening party for a new trail in our Forest Preserve system that's only about 3/4 of a mile away from our house. A whopping .3 mile long trail.

For us it was a big deal to get even out of the house. Avery didn't want to get in her stroller. She wanted to be in the back yard. She was mad, screaming and kicking me. I didn't back down though. We were not going to be housebound again. So I started to walk while carrying her. All 32 lbs of her. We were only 2 houses down from ours when she was screaming in my ear and I could hear my husband go "This is crazy" and wanting to stop and go home. I said "No we are going". And we went.

A block down I put her down so that she could pick some flowers aka weeds. Then I picked her up again for another two blocks were she was calmed down enough for me to get her in stroller. Another 2 blocks and we were at the trail finally! Success!

At the trail they had a bouncy house and a big giant bouncy slide, a band and a huge tent with kids activities.

While going through the tent of kids activities she did pretty good. She made a potted plant, threw some rings to get a ice cream voucher and made a bracelet. When we got to the station to make a coffee filter butterfly the volunteer was so nice. She was chatting her up and asking her name. I knew Avery wouldn't answer so I explained that she was Autistic. Then I heard, "Oh I'm sorry". Followed by compliments about how pretty her eyes are, how cute she is, etc.

I thought about it later but I get why people say that. I probably said that years ago to.

When I look at her I am so happy that she is who she is in the sense that she is perfectly healthy and is becoming a little person who is learning to tell us what she wants. We are blessed. 

Today was a great day for her. When we left the trail party we went to McDonald's at the end of the trail. The first time ever eating in the actual restaurant!! Both of the girls were happy!

Avery had ice cream as well today and I helped her with it. She kept saying, "MY ice cream!" "Mine!" So stinking cute!! She did really well. She ate half of her lunch which considering she was in a completely new environment and was watching everyone around her was pretty good. She transitioned out of the restaurant well to!

It was just a pretty neat day!

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  2. I loved this post
    I adored your strong attitude
    "We were not going to be housebound again"
    This is me and DH too
    Oh and you and your girls are so pretty