Monday, June 20, 2011

Let Down!

The perfect words to hear on Father's Day!

We heard words from Avery on Sunday. Clear as day. Why? She was po'ed at her Dada for holding her while she wanted to get down and play with the pinwheel her Pee Paw bought her for Father's Day. I can hear the words trying to come out. I see her moving us, gesturing us to what she needs and what she wants.

Today she knew she was going to school. As we waited by the screen door for the bus she kept putting my hand at the handle to open the door. Awesome. She knows what is going on. She know's going on the bus is her way to getting to school. Maybe the two years of watching her sister get on the bus every day has helped her transition to the bus. I hope so because she's been really good about getting on the bus since her first day of school.

I've been getting daily reports from the OT at school and while they say it's getting better every day, on our end the reports look like she has 3.5 hours of crying fits, head hitting (out of frustration) and "exploring" her classroom. The whole crying fits, head hitting is what we've been getting since starting school every day after school and my entire weekend was like that. I can tell you it was such a joy to deal with a 3 year old who was hitting her head against the wall because I was in the kitchen making lunch. :(  I almost put her bicycle helmet on her at one point because I couldn't be with her every waking moment of the day during the weekend and I was afraid she was going to hurt herself.

In a few weeks we'll be getting her tested for food allergies, sensitivities, deficiencies and hopefully starting her on a path to well being. There are a few things we think that clue us in to that she may have gut issues as part of her problems. After this weekend we are more than determined to find out what can cause a sweet little snuggle bug from holding onto her mama to hitting her head violently in a matter of seconds. There is a reason and we will find out. * Hopefully! *

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