Friday, June 24, 2011

Our week in review...

I'm sorry if I don't post daily here but I'm trying to find my balance between this and my running blog and life in general.

So let me kinda of give you a run down of Avery's days at school and the bad news we got this afternoon.

All of last weekend Avery was a very unhappy camper. Lot's of head hitting and inability to calm her. I did lot's of hugging and holding last weekend.

 If I left the room she was screaming and hitting her head against the wall. Sigh. Long weekend.

We know this reaction is due to the changes she's going through the past few weeks. I do have to say she doesn't have a problem getting on the school bus or anything. I think what has helped her is watching her big sister get on the bus for the last 2 years. She knows she comes back so it's safe.

Her days at school this week kinda like this:

Upon arrival every day they put the weighted vest on her.
Table time - Tough transitioning to the table, traced name h.o.h. (hand over hand) sat at table for 15 minutes and played with fidget toys.
Circle - Tough time transitioning to circle and would not sit. Head hitting. Break w/water bucket and toys.
Group 1 - Tough time transitioning from water toys (duh she LOVES water) Head hitting. Sat at table about 10 minutes and played with beans and toys. Walked around the last few minutes.
Group 2 - Did table activity hand over hand for about 5 minutes. Water break with water bucket and toys.
Group 3 - Tough transition to table, sat and did shaving cream for about 10 minutes (she LOVES shaving cream)  Walked around with butterfly toy rest of time.
Recess - Went out to park with class played on slide and walked around with leaves in hand. Tough transition inside. (One time this week she was so bad they had to have recess inside because of the head hitting)
Snack - Sat and ate snack at table with the class. Sat in cube chair. (ok so which one was more effective and why was she moved to the cube chair?) Walked around room with toys.
Story - Vest was put on before story time. Sat on carpet with class. Did not attend to book. Sat with beans and strung beads for 15 minutes.
Group work - Sat at table for 10 minutes and did something hand over hand (really couldn't read this part of the notes)
Music - Danced to music (she LOVES music) at carpet with other kids.

This was basically what the whole week looked like. It was frustrating but not surprising. At one point the speech therapist sent a note home about PECS communication boards. We had asked about an electronic communication device instead, pretty sure our insurance will pick up the cost and the district will cover the rest. Instead I got a note home saying that Avery has to show them that she knows how to point so at the earliest she won't get one til the fall. Awesome.

One day this week her little butt woke up early at 5 and I thought good luck with that at school today.
By the dinner time she was done for the day. After dinner she crawled up on my lap. She did the following really quickly after that....
She grabbed her blankie and her flamingo and fell right asleep on my leg. So adorable. Moment's like this make up for the head hitting and screaming when I leave the room. Well sometimes.

The weekend ended on a rather sour note though. After Avery's occupational therapy session her therapist told me that she was quitting. Fudge. I asked if she was going to another clinic. No she's moving out of state. BIGGER Fudge. So she wanted to transition Avery to the new OT next week. Sigh.

I felt like crying leaving there. Not because I like the therapist so much but because Avery LOVES her. She's basically her best friend. When we get to therapy Avery run's to the rooms to see her. She know's she's there for her and she get's to play and have fun. As therapists goes she was always professional, never missed appointments without notice and always respectful of what we thought as parents. And parent's you know how hard it is to find a therapist that your kid connects with right??
She was actually the first therapist I asked "do you think she's on the spectrum?" She told me yes. She didn't beat around the bush, she gave her honest opinion.

I am not sure how hard this will be for her but her departure also coincides with the end of the summer session of school. So should I go out and get a helmet for her now in anticipation of more head hitting? Because I am imagining a lot more of that.

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