Friday, July 15, 2011

I should probably post more than every 2 weeks..

Or ten days or so...

Sorta of an update. We had Avery set up with Easter Seals for OT for the break between the summer session of school and the fall start of the year. Her first appointment was canceled due to a sick OT so her next appointment won't be til next week which coincides on her last day of school for the summer session. If they cancel again then I might throw in the towel with Easter Seals. I just don't like to plan for something and rearrange the schedule for someone else who will be a short term solution for her.

The last day of school this week I got a great report from Avery's aide at school. It took her only 4 weeks to get into a groove and have a good day. Her aide wrote on the bottom that she won't be at school for the last two days (awesome) so I might not get a report home (awesome). So let's look that it took her 4 weeks to have 1 good day and then she's off for another 4 weeks before she starts in the fall. AWESOME.  The little kid finally had a good day and then let's stop her schedule for a few weeks and hope she comes back roaring to go. Should be great.

She finally has stopped the constant head hitting. She seems to be making a turn around. I would hate to see it go to hell in the next few weeks with all the changes.

This morning I watched her make a concentrated effort to actually listen to my directions because she knows certain house rules. In our house we do not allow toys or blankies in the kitchen or the table. It has worked very well for us in our house with our oldest and we have worked hard with Avery for her to get it. The table is for eating not for playing with your toys. So the kids know at the door threshold they are to leave their toys or blankie there. With our oldest she knows she leaves her "puppy" at the door. With Avery she knows she has to leave her blankie and her flamingo at the door. If you tell her to "drop them" she might fight you for a few seconds but she normally drops them.

In the last few days she has found a new love. A beach towel. It's a new texture for her to cuddle up with and she even sleeps with it. So this morning she was clutching it while I was getting her dressed for the day. She fussed as I tried to take it away from her after getting dressed. We have a simple routine. Get dressed and breakfast is next. Simple. So she knows the deal. As we walked to our kitchen I told her to drop them and she started fussing with me. I walked into the kitchen and stood at the sink. I turned to her and said "No leave the blankie at the door". She was standing there turning around, holding onto the "blankie". I told her "let's go and eat breakfast" and she turned around and dropped the towel! She knows. She knows what her responsibilities are even though she doesn't verbally say she knows.

I've heard her singing songs from movies this week as well. Ask her a question and the best answer that you'll get is "NO" but that's for everything. She'll react to movies and go, "Oh no!!" It's so quiet that you might only hear her if she is sitting with you. Expect her to say something when she gives you eye contact it won't exactly work. But what I need to teach her is to give her Daddy kisses. I finally got her to do it for me with puckering up for her all day long whenever she is in my face. Maybe I should leave him alone with the little one all day while the older one and I go to the movies or something so he can make silly faces all day with her?

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