Friday, July 29, 2011

Byeeee! and Wait! Wait! Wait!

Uh huh. That's right. That's what the little one was telling me as I was leaving the house today!
Cha Ching! Something is paying off!!

I was leaving to go to physical therapy for my foot & hip. I normally just scoot out and don't make a big deal of leaving because I know the little one will freak out. Today I just happened to say bye to her. To my surprise she said "byeeeeee!" I stopped and turned back to her and she was standing at our kitchen gate. She was saying "wait!" "wait!" "wait!" and POINTING at herself. POINTING!

See I am going to guess most Autie Mom's are like me. You almost always bring your sidekick wherever you go. So she was basically like "Um why aren't I going with you today Momma?" I had to say "No, just Momma today" and the baby sitter distracted her and I was able to leave without a huge meltdown. Then when I got home and let the baby sitter out she said, "bye bye!" to her as well.

What an awesome little girl!

Suck it Autism! You will NOT win!

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