Thursday, December 8, 2011

One day with a kid with Autism is just One day

You know that saying "you meet one kid with Autism you've just met one kid with Autism". Well life with a kid with Autism can be described like that day to day.

Avery's been sick this week. She missed school Monday and Tuesday. When she got ready to go to school yesterday she was in a good mood, ready to go. She didn't fight getting on the bus (this is a hassle now these days) and I even got a great report from school. When they write that she said "Thank you!" in the right context it makes your heart beam with joy.

So what happens in the 12 hours she's been asleep to change her into a Tasmanian devil? Hell if I know. She was crabby. She didn't want to get out of bed. She was whiny when I put her down at her seat for breakfast. Which when you wake up early to make blueberry muffins that she loves you would expect a happy kid. No not so much with her. Whine. Whine. Whine. Wine oops I mean Whine. She didn't fight getting her coat on, and didn't fight standing at the door to leave. What set her off and this is where I don't have control over it is her sister was refusing to get in the truck to leave for school.  Like literally standing there with arms folded yelling at me. So when I lost it this am and said "get your ass in the truck" (fine parenting skills right there I tell ya!) that's when Avery started to get upset.

When Avery realized she wasn't getting in the truck is when she started to throw herself on the ground in the driveway. Which of course every parent driving their kid to our oldest kids school could witness. All the while the oldest is standing there yelling at me. FML.

I feel bad for the bus driver. She pulled up and saw me chasing Avery in the driveway and throwing her over my shoulder so I could get her on the bus because she was going all "no bones" on me. Since I now help get Avery on the bus the meltdowns are not that bad. So she cooperated on the bus (seriously?) and she was off.

When I got the other one to school she actually stopped to give me a kiss and actually said, "have a good day Mama!" LOL. One day little one, one day!


  1. We have similar situations here. He'll be all, "I hate life and this day stinks" early in the AM, only to find out from school he had a great day. That has always confused the heck out of me. The only thing I can think is that he's nervous...

  2. Mornings tend to suck around here too. Especially now - "I'm not cold! Why do I have to wear my winter coat/snow pants/boots (it can be any of these)??? No one else is going to be wearing them..."

    *eye roll*

  3. that was a great observation ... its very very true !
    she is beautiful and so adorable though