Thursday, December 15, 2011

Supplemental insurance policy for your child with Autism?

I had a phone conversation today with an intake/insurance specialist about setting Avery up with a speech therapist starting in January for when our insurance starts over. See way back in July we learned that we maxed out of Avery's insurance for therapy. She is only allowed 60 1- hour sessions. My husbands company does not have to abide by the Illinois Autism Insurance Mandate because they are a self funded policy. See this post for when we found out: bad news.

So the clinic I talked to today asked me if we had ever thought of getting a supplemental insurance policy for Avery that would be covered by the state mandate. Um say what? No I never thought of it. Plus no, nobody ever, ever mentioned it to us that that could be or should be a possibility.

The guy on the phone basically said well if you end up paying a larger amount of money for out of pocket expenses it could be worth it to  spend the money on a policy so that the mandate picks up the big bulk of it. Make sense? In the long run if you have to have a deductible of a couple thousand it would be worth it to get up to 36K in other benefits.

For Avery we are thinking it would be worth it. We really want her to have more speech therapy than what she is getting at school and more diverse therapies such as to try ABA out for awhile and see what happens. Majority of the time we feel we aren't doing enough for her and if this gives her more of a chance than what's the problem with at least trying right?

So what I am asking you my small amount of readers is, have you gone that route to bypass a crappy work supplied insurance situation? If you have gone this route what has been your experience? Was the out of pocket cost per month worth the therapies you received?

If you have a blog and think this might interest others who might have more experience with insurance and Autism would you please share so I can see what others might say? Thank you! 

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  1. We do private therapies and pay for a lot out of pocket. I go back and forth on wether it's worth it. On one hand, I know he needs the extra support and he is learning how to do things that the school can't provide. It would not be possible if we didn't have the outside therapies. So yes I would (and do) forego a lot to provide for outside services.

    But there is a point where I think sometimes it's too much but if you drop services then good luck getting them back!!! Sigh.

    I'm not sure if that answers what you were asking....I hope it helped!