Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It didn't suck and that was awesome

Life has been pretty crazy the past week. After what was suppose to be a quick faucet replacement turned into a mini renovation. By the weekend we finally had a working shower and flushing toilet. Ugh. I don't want to go through that again. It pretty much sucked any and all available funds and some not so available to take care of this problem. Ugh. Which has led me to have the worst attitude ever. It's just not a great situation especially with Christmas this week.

With it being Christmas we have a few things to get out of the way before the big day. The oldest this morning had her holiday school program. She had to learn the song  32 feet and Eight little tails by Gene Autry. Thank goodness it was on ITunes or she would have not learned it. "Mommy I have to hear the music to sing it" she would say.  Our paperwork said the program started at 9:30am and unlike most of the parents we were early. The thing about school productions is it brings out people you had no idea lived in your neighborhood. I also now know the woman next to me lost a bunch of weight because they took out a 30lb mass from her abdomen. People left and right were asking her about it and I was just amazed by all of this. 

All the kids were so well behaved (better than the adults!) and put on a great show.

They sang it all very well and though she doesn't look like she's singing she was opening her mouth at least. LoL. My husband was able to take off this morning to see it but with the bathroom b.s. last week he had to go back into work so the afternoon shenanigans were up to me by myself.

The next thing on our list was to go see Santa and it was up to me to take them on my own.

The last couple of years we have gone to see Santa at the local Bass Pro Shop. Santa's free and he's got the real beard and all that jazz. I was worried as we were heading out that way that it would be crowded since it seemed that people were everywhere. When I pulled into the parking lot I saw a bunch of school buses. Seriously? The reason I was getting worried is that with Avery it's just hard for her to wait, and to take turns. Paige can be helpful at times but I didn't tell her we were seeing Santa just going for a surprise. She realized it was Santa when we pulled into the parking lot. Then her excitement went into over drive and I had no idea if she still had her listening ears on.

As we walked through the parking lot I saw who the school buses belonged to. It was like it was a sign. The buses belonged to a local Christian special needs school. They range from elementary to high school children. They also have a specialized Autism program. I knew when I saw that that maybe I picked the right time to come to see Santa and God was giving me a break today. 

And by the grace of God the Santa area was practically empty. No line. We walked right up and waited for a screaming/terrified baby and laughing parents (it seriously was one of those funny moments!) to be done and we took our turn.

Waiting patiently!

The Smurfs had to come along to see Santa too.
Excitement in overdrive.
Personally I love these. They turned out awesome. The girls were so well behaved. Avery is looking at the camera in almost all of the pictures I took.

No meltdowns, no waiting in line, everybody was awesome.  This was certainly a highlight to my holiday so far!


  1. Loved the pix and the story
    The girls are sooo beautiful

  2. I'm glad those buses weren't for Santa! That would have been a nightmare! The pics are super cute. Avery is a doll. My kiddos are terrified of Santa. It's actually quite comical, but it also means no Santa pics.

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