Saturday, February 11, 2012

Did she really just say that?

I had just picked up the little one from her new speech therapy place. She LOVES the place, her new therapist. It's been wonderful. In the five minutes I took to go from my car, get Avery, get back in the car I missed a call from the school nurse at my older daughters school. School lets out in 40 minutes so I couldn't imagine they were calling me to pick her up.

When I got the nurse on the phone she started to ask me if I knew about my daughters .... dandruff.
Oh ok you checked and she doesn't have lice just dandruff.
Oh ok so it's all good? Yes ok.
She has a special shampoo that we use.
No I don't do it every night.
She HATES to have her hair combed/brushed.
It's a hard thing to deal with.
Her hair is long and thick. We've made two donations of her hair already and she's not even 6 yet. 
Oh she let you pick through her hair?
Oh ok.
Yeah because you are a nurse and she get's that nurses and doctors do that stuff.
She does have a sensory issue with her hair.
NO she doesn't have a full blown sensory processing disorder.
Everyone has some type of sensory issue and that doesn't mean they are going to be diagnosed with the disorder. 
NO she doesn't have Autism.
Her little sister has Autism.
Really? There are different types of things that fall under the Autism spectrum? 
Why YES I do know about the different kinds of Autism.
No she just hates having her hair combed/brushed.
I pick my battles and this is not one of them.
Yes she get's OT at school.
Again she does not have Autism her little sister does.
Again she does not have sensory processing integration her little sister does.
This is not one of the things that is a make or break daily routine.
NO she doesn't have Autism or SPD she just hates to have her hair combed/brushed.
I am a pick my battles type of parent.
Ok thanks we'll work on it.

My look yesterday as well with more of a pissed off expression to add to it.
And when I went to go pick up my daughter the teacher didn't say a damn thing to me.  Not a "she really can't sit still, it's itchy, distracting to her and the other kids." NOPE. Not a damn thing. There was no nurse there either. I've seen the nurse in action with other parents so the phone call didn't really surprise me but if she had tried to educate me about Autism and SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) in front of other parents I probably would have lost my shit.

Now I understand dandruff is gross. The scene with Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club usually makes me want to hurl but it's not that bad. But we are working on it. When she was a little baby she had cradle cap ie. dandruff and on a baby that's much easier to take care of than 5.5 year old who will scream bloody murder when you are trying to comb out their hair. If she was a boy her head would be shaved but that is not an option here yet.

If I thought cutting her hair short would help with the "I don't want you to comb my hair freakouts" than I would do it but we've gone down that path before and it didn't change anything.

Who knows maybe I'll get a bug up my butt this weekend and take her for a cut but I doubt she would want her hair cut now. grrr.

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  1. ahhhh the know it alls drive me batty
    I too am like you in that I pick my battles
    you have a beautiful daughter
    love your expression