Sunday, April 3, 2011

Five things for Friday

1. I started physical therapy for my foot/ankle this week and will be maxing out the times per week (3x) in order to help things get better. The facility I am going to is brand spanking new and not overcrowded like another place I went to last winter for my hip that subsequently laid me up for a few weeks. So fingers crossed everything goes well.

2. I've had to start a new diet the last few weeks. Some blood work came back a little off the charts and whamO I have to change how I eat entirely. Cut out grainy carbs, salt and a few other things. I can handle it for the most part. Unless I have something that is stressing me out. For instance my father came over to watch the kids this week so I can go to a follow up appointment with the dr and we got into the conversation about him not congratulating me on the marathon. Yes. My father did not congratulate me on the marathon.

Now my father just turned 69, is very, very old school and set in his ways. He has always thought that my running was a terrible idea. Basically in a nutshell unless it's something my father approves of he won't support me. His words to me as I was walking out the door to the dr's appt was that I should only be "focusing on my girls." That's it. Only be a Mom. And apparently my daughter doesn't have Autism (he doesn't believe the dr's) So if I concentrate my life 100% to my kids then my youngest will snap out of it and all will be well. Even after a lifetime of dealing with this type of antiquated attitude it still get's to me. So that night after I told my husband who responded "did you expect anything more than that?" I guess somewhere, somehow in my head I hoped he would pull his head out of his ass. *sigh* So that night I fell off the diet wagon. And felt extremely guilty about it. I don't like being an emotional eater. I need to find a way out of it because it will curtail any Winter of Weightloss goals I have.

3. Then this nearly sent me off the edge on Wednesday. It's been extremely windy where we live. Apparently the worst storm in 70 years. HA HA NO. I mean we had some rain but it was actually the wind that was the worse. Because around 4pm I saw my neighbor walking over to my side door and as I passed my back window I caught a glimpse of our 6 foot privacy fence....see where I am going with this?

Yup right smack in the middle of the property line, the fence snapped. When the wind blew it pushed the fence within inches of my neighbors beloved garage. I say beloved garage because the it's bigger than his house, it's heated, and he keeps his roaster out in it. Like a big pit roaster, his chickens he cooks are awesome. Of course my husband was at work over an hour away at his new job. So he couldn't leave early to come home and secure it. So my neighbor came over with his two son's and secured it for us. I really lucked out in having helpful neighbors. To add to this roof shingles were flapping all over the place and tore off in some places on the house. Awesome. After the big flood this summer I think the house is telling us "GET OUT".

4. My youngest had her first Halloween party at the parents day out program she attends. Things have been iffy with her at "school" because by a certain point in the day she is basically done. We've helped her out by giving her a weighted vest to help calm her down and give her her blankie to have while she's there. The last few times I've had good reports. The Thursday class is the hardest because it's younger kids who don't understand that she might need more help or to leave her alone and let her calm herself down when she's upset.

So like what I did with my older daughter when she attended the program, I was room mom helper that day along with another Mom. So I got to see how she is first hand for a long period of time. I could see some of her issues with how she behaves, but also some positives about how she's interacting more with other adults and kids because we've seen that over flow with her therapy.

By the end of the day she was basically just done with everything and couldn't even enjoy the carnival games they do for the kids in order to get treats and pretty much was just throwing herself on the floor. sigh. It is quite overwhelming as all the kids from the other day classes start coming in with their parents and it's a lot of people in not a big area but it's very chaotic and my older daughter did better when she did this but didn't transition well from leaving it all. I've been told even the 'normal' 2 year olds have a hard time with it.  As we were leaving my friend and his daughter who is in her Monday class came in and at this point we just had to say good bye and I missed a chance of trying to get a pic of the two girls together in their costumes. :(   The meltdown lasted til we got in the car and she sat stoically in her car seat just looking out the window on the way home in her ladybug costume as if nothing had just happened.

5. Later that night my older daughter had her Parent Teacher Conference at school. I wasn't expecting anything bad because her reports coming home every day were very good. The reports were of course excellent! They tell us she is their star student because she does so well and is a peer model for the other kids. She of course listens to her teacher and all the therapists and follows directions. Basically she is an all around great kid and they love having her. She has already achieved goals they hoped she would have reached at the end of the year. Yay!!! They told us the story of how another little kid was saying he had to go potty. Apparently my daughter just turned to him and said "Well just go then!" My husband turned to me and started laughing and pointing at me. * Snort * That's what I tell her all day when she announces she has to go potty. I was beat red and we had a good laugh with instructors. That little stinker doesn't listen to me for anything else but this she picks up!!

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