Sunday, April 3, 2011

The numbers

So we are told 1 out of 110 children has autism. Then they point out that 1 out of 70 boys has autism. Ok let's do the math here. That would mean 1 out of 40 GIRLS would have autism right? Math was not my strong point in high school but still that's what it means right? Aren't those odds worse? Just something to think about. Maybe I am missing seeing the statistics from a scientific pov but from a Mom pov it looks like that.

April is Autism Awareness month. So you would think a national parenting magazine known as Parents would get on board and devote an issue to Autism. Right? Right. Well they haven't. They have one thing in their issue and it's something about a bed tent. Whoop dee doo. You can read the comments on the Parents Facebook page here. They have said they will have more online stories. What? Seriously this is the response to a national epidemic with our children?  I stopped getting Parents magazine years ago when I realized the magazine didn't relate to what our life was like. It's obvious it still would never be able to relate to our life.

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