Friday, April 22, 2011

Freakin Friday

The weather here is frightful not at all delightful.
And that's about all you're going to get out of me that rhymes together.

Yesterday the husband and I had a meeting at the school district about our first born and how she will be going to kindergarten in the fall. She'll still need some services such as speech when she starts in the fall but they told us many of the kids will be getting services still. Kindergarten at our school is only half day.  Ok I can deal with the half day.

This is the part that I probably had my WTF? look on my face when the kindergarten teacher was talking. If your child starts the fall in the morning or afternoon class, come January after winter break the kids will switch to the session they weren't in the previous semester. This is done so they can get electives that they don't get the previous semester. There is only 1 kindergarten teacher at this school so hence the break down of how the classes are. And considering NOBODY votes in this stupid little town for referendums when it comes to our schools things won't change and they won't add another teacher so this flip flopping could stop. Sigh.

This probably wouldn't be a big deal IF the youngest wasn't going to be getting on or off a bus at the time the oldest has to be starting school or getting out of school. See where the cluster is going to be? Sigh.

When we were at the school where the Autism program is conducted we had specifically asked to see the sensory room because a majority of Avery's needs are sensory related. You just can't put her in a brightly lit room and expect her to cooperate. She needs dim lights, some deep pressure on her body, in order for her to sit at a table and work on things with her therapists. To say we were disappointed would be an understatement. The sensory room is a bit bigger than a janitor's closet. They only have a few things Avery has at clinic now and don't have bigger things like a swing, slide, ball pit. Now obviously because what I know of our school district and tax voting body of our community I was not expecting a super clinic but I have big apprehensions about how this will work for her. Sigh.

Then we of course were told the summer program for the students will be in the same place it was last summer. The next town over at a different school though same district. So my little baby will be getting on a bus super early in the am (awesome for a kid who loves her sleep) and going over a big bridge to get to school which won't be equipped with a sensory room. Yes, this other school won't have a sensory room. Sigh.

The only way she can go to a special school is if the district determines they have exhausted all options for her. I also got the impression (but I'm probably being really hopeful here) that when she get's evaluated they could go "Oh no, we are not equipped to deal with her needs, we'll have to find an out of district school" that they'll do that before she starts at all. Instead of doing a wait and see approach. I think I'm dreaming on that because we couldn't get that lucky. All that means is outings with a district official to prospective schools and a longer bus ride for the little one. Sigh.

The teacher is going on maternity leave at the beginning of June or sooner if she has her baby before that so she won't even be the teacher for the summer program.  They have yet to find a sub for the three months because everyone is looking for a yearly position.   I have to give props to the OT and the teacher because they are very positive about wanting to work with Avery. But me the Mom is going "Umm yeah I don't think this is going to work." Sigh.

So I spent last night (instead of going to Largest Loser class) going over options for local Autism schools. My brain was wired a little differently last night because this is weighing on me because we won't have any idea of where she'll be going to school until May at the earliest when she get's her evaluation done.

Life of uncertainty sucks. But life in general is full of uncertainties but some just seem to be out of your control more than others and that's put me a little off kilter. I realized this morning while cooking (made my sweet potato enchilada's and lentil burgers) that I didn't take my anti anxiety medicine. DOH. No wonder I'm little wound up today. Sigh.

On the agenda for tomorrow? 11 Miles.

And if you've made it this far 1) you really do like reading my blog even if it's filled with "filler" stuff, and 2) I have a funny story about the oldest for you.

Apparently when you are a preschool teacher your little students think your belly is public domain and they can touch whenever they want. Any pregnant woman can attest to the fact that if a grown person would do that to a pregnant woman they get the WTF? look and probably something said to them. Her teacher was telling me how she asked to touch her belly one day. At the moment she was touching her belly the baby gave her a really big kick right where her hand was! She said the look on her face was priceless! She is in such awe over the baby. She really does talk about her teacher and the baby a lot at home so you can tell how excited she is about the baby.

Here she is after a recent hair cut. She'll tell anyone that she get's her hair cut at the mall and afterward she get's a pretzel! It really is a big deal to her. Oh to have the enthusiasm of an almost 5 year old again without a care in the world!

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