Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Big Switch- An Autism Kid Friendly Room

We switched our daughters rooms this weekend. It only really made sense since Avery has all of her therapy items in her sisters room that it would become her room and her big sister would get herself a big girl room.  It's been a slow process doing things a few items at a time. 
Today I finally got the beds moved. Chaos shall ensue.

 Cocoon swing from Ikea (they no longer sell but you can search Ebay),  trampoline we received through the state and cube chair table was also something we received through the state.

The toy storage area with changing table. 

Crib tent with sides for safety reasons. Our daughter liked to hang her legs through the slates. Then she would fall asleep with them stuck so hence the screens to prevent her from doing that. Also in her crib are different textured blankets that she uses while in the crib. From soft and satin, to chenille to velvet.

The bean box is a big therapy item we keep hidden in her closet or under the train table. If we don't, we have beans everywhere. She loves it and gets the most out of this one item. 

Before I could finish cleaning up her old room, her and her sister had managed to climb into the crib. Joy! They were very proud of themselves and didn't understand why we were not so happy with them.

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