Monday, May 16, 2011

Just a quick update on today's eval and IEP

We had Avery's eval at the school district and of course she was a rock star for them. They did everything to their advantage because they actually read the reports from the therapists and kept the lights dim. It was much different than what we had gone through with our oldest. She had a few meltdowns but not as big as we have seen at home (like right before we left ).  So they basically saw a very calmed down version of herself. Awesome.

When we went back for the IEP meeting in the afternoon we were joined by the special education administrator for the district. Which from the first time I met her 2  years ago she seemed that she rides a broom in her spare time.

For now they will put her in the district program, 6 weeks in the summer starting in June at the summer school in the next town over. Then she'll be off for 4 weeks then start the regular year in August. The true test they believe on how she adjusts will come September when she goes to what will be her normal school in our town. They already know we are not happy with the sensory "closet" which they told us we should have never have seen it (which then the SP said they (we) requested to see it) and that they don't consider it a sensory room but just some place where they store stuff. We basically let it be known that Avery will not be a guinea pig for them since they have not ever had a kid with this much sensory issues. They agreed that we will keep close tabs on her progress and will meet within a few weeks of the fall semester starting to see where she is at and if she should be moved out of district. Which the coordinator was more than open to putting that out there. However the special education administrator  basically threw a fit that we would even think of going out of district and was not happy when I said I didn't want it to get to the point of a due process meeting. Yeah they don't like it when you use big words and have researched your options.

So that's it. I have a headache now.

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  1. Good for you for fighting so hard for her! And I'm also super glad that they'll be reevaluating things already in the fall.

    Fingers crossed that everything goes ok for her...